Wind and Sea Project: A new step for the planet and future generations

Relying on the wind to produce clean and indefinitely renewable energy: this is the ambition of Quadran Marine Energies, which is launching a campaign to measure wind and sea.

An innovative project in which Maison Tarbouriech has always wanted to be associated and which is totally in line with its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment.

This project is finally coming into being with the installation of four floating wind turbines off Gruissan and Port-la-Nouvelle, in the Gulf of Lion, about 18km from the Aude coast. To do this, the Spanish company Eolos Solutions was chosen to provide a very robust floating buoy using LiDAR (Light Detection and Telemetry) technology to collect high quality wind and ocean data from any offshore location. It allows wind farm planners to take wind measurements at altitudes above 200 metres above sea level and calculate wave and current movements up to 300 metres deep.

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